Therapy for me was a life changing experience. It helped me set healthy boundaries, and in turn strengthen my relationships with everyone in my life.

kids. (one teenager, one pre-teen)

In my spare time, I love spending time with my husband and kids. We love camping, watching the Marvel movies in chronological order, and cooking or baking. 
Personally, I love photography, reading, board games, adding to my plant collection and watching my favourite shows on repeat. (New Girl, The Office, Schitt's Creek, and Ted Lasso). 

Hi! My name is Justine.
My husband and I got married very young and dove head first into having kids, having no idea what that truly entailed. I struggled with postpartum depression after my son was born, although I didn't realize that's what it was until years later when I first reached out to a therapist. 

During my second pregnancy with my daughter, I had what I labelled "pre-partum" depression which I later learned is a real thing! This carried over in the postpartum, where I also experienced anxiety and was later diagnosed ADHD. 

Since then, I have seen a counsellor on a regular basis and it has been life changing. I have learned so much about myself, tools to help during challenging situations and ways to change my thinking and regulate my nervous system. 
This led me to pursue my Master of Clinical Counselling so I could hopefully provide the same experience to others. I believe everyone deserves to have a safe space to share their life experiences where they are validated, supported, and heard without judgement. I am a compassionate and empathetic listener, and I am excited to work with you to help you feel empowered to create the changes you want in your life


years married


years in university


number of plants in my house



I hold a personal interest in working with women in their perinatal and postpartum periods with struggles that naturally arise, as well as self-worth, body image, disordered eating, sexual/sexuality changes and anxiety. I wrote my Master's research paper on improving the care of postpartum women and love being able to put my research into practice. 

I am also looking forward to working with clients who are experiencing anxiety, struggles with ADHD, trauma, challenges with emotional regulation, depression, self-esteem struggles and more. 

I strive to create an inclusive and safe practice and recognize my privilege as a cisgender, heterosexual white woman with she/her pronouns. I have experience working with the 2SLGBTQIA+ community and welcome everyone into my practice with the belief that you are the expert in your own life and experiences. 


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