*Free* Fraser Valley Perinatal Resource Guide

The journey to becoming pregnant through to postpartum is a challenging time with so many unknowns. If you’re a first time mom it can be even more overwhelming to find the support you need.

As part of my Masters final research paper, I studied how we can improve the care of perinatal and postpartum women. One of the ideas that emerged was a resource guide with listed practitioners, businesses, books, podcasts etc., making it easier for women to access support. Many of the support listed in the guide, I wasn’t even aware existed and I wish I had known about it when I was pregnant with my children.

The hope is that making the guide free, will help it spread to women across the Fraser Valley and that as more resources are identified, the guide will grow and make those pregnancy and postpartum years a little bit easier.

How to find the guide?

Click the link below and it will direct you to the PDF!

Fraser Valley Perinatal Resource Guide

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*Free* Fraser Valley Perinatal Resource Guide

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